KISS CAM is a buttonless play camera, which takes a photo when you kiss it. A transparent OLED acts not only as a flash, but as an oversized viewfinder and the touchscreen. When you look through the viewfinder and see something you love, give the OLED-viewfinder a kiss to capture the image. The language of social media - like / heart - is changed into a gesture. Additionally we have designed some lovely glass filters that are worn as jewelry to be manually fitted over the lens for an insta-filtered effect. The photos are saved digitally and can only be viewed and selected once they are downloaded onto a computer, b lurring the lines between our digital/analog experience. Follow KissCam on Instagram!@KissKissCamCam

This exciting project is a result of my stay at taliaYstudio which collaborates with OSRAM. I got a chance to work very closely with the client and in a small team develop the concept from sketch, 3D drawings, to final prototype. It was presented at the CONFESSION OF DESIGN in Milano 2014.

2014 // taliaYstudio